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Welcome to our RP Site! If you are new, make sure to look at the guides for more info! Please make sure to recruit and be active as much as possible to make this a better place for everyone! PM me with any questions or ideas regarding the site. ~ Patrick

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 Character Template Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Template Sheet   Sat May 23, 2015 12:58 pm

All of the following fields must be completed before character submission. If you having trouble coming up with ideas for your character or need time to finish it, please label it "To Be Finished" (T.B.F.) in the title. All characters will be approved by an Admin after submission. If they follow all guidelines, they will be labelled "Approved."


Name: (Your character's name)

Alias/Nickname(s): (Does your character go by other names?)

Age: (Please use years)

Gender/Race: (Refer to the race sheet for more info )

Birthplace: (Where was your character born? Or is it unknown?)

Appearance: (Be as descriptive as you like, and be free to include an illustrative representation of your character if you like.)

Personality: (What is your character like?)

Abilities: (Refer to the abilities sheet for more info)

Occupation: (What does your character do for a living?)

History/Back story: (Give us some background on your character so we can fully understand it!)

Stats: (Refer to the stat guide for more info. This is only for your starting amount. Meaning, your skill points and race bonus.



Special Attack:

Special Defense:



Traits: (Refer to Traits Guide for more info)

Additional Information: (Anything you wish to put about your character or the sheet that we haven't listed.)
Example Sheet:


Name: Fyr

Alias/Nickname(s): Rage of the Mountain

Age: 30

Gender/Race: Male Orc

Birthplace: Tumanzan Spires


Personality: Fyr is very outgoing and joyful. He loves nothing more than the beautiful sight of molten rock demolishing his opposition. He is prone to enraged attacks when recalling his parents, however. He is confident in his abilities to seize any fortified position, and is a genius in demolitions. He is neither good nor evil, but can be swayed either way depending on his mood.


Occupation: Siege/Demolitions Expert

History/Back story: Fyr grew up at the Spires with all of his Orc pals. He lived happily at his parent's forge. His mother was a fire mage, and his father was a stone mage. The two crafted every wall, weapon, and structure that was in the Spires.

When Fyr became of the age to be a man, his parents were overjoyed. They made him two weapons, a sword and axe, to take with him in his journey. The day before Fyr would leave his home, tragedy struck. A local summoner had accidentally unleashed a fiery demon from the pits of hell unto his village. Fyr watched as all of his kinsmen were slaughtered until only he and his parents were left. His mom and dad had only one choice, they had to fight. They used every measure of their power, and only succeeded in sealing the creature into the molten core of the Spires. They had suffered fatal wounds in the fight however. They knew Fyr was going to die without their protection if anything like this ever happened again, so they sealed their spirits into his weapons with their dying breath. His mother's fiery passion burned in his sword, while his father's stalwart resolve was a bulwark of strength in his axe.

Fyr has long since moved passed that incident. In the following years he became  a demolitions expert, using his parent's power to magnify his own. He became known as "The Child of the Mountain," but he prefers his own name. He now scours the land looking for anything he can use to test his strength.


Attack: 40

Defense: 28

Special Attack: 0

Special Defense: 26

Speed: 5

Perception: 3



Additional Information: N/A

Feel free to PM myself or any other admin about information regarding this site, or any of it's members.
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Character Template Sheet

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