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 Ability Explanation/Template

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PostSubject: Ability Explanation/Template   Sat May 23, 2015 2:06 pm

This system was made by my friend Ryan so all credit goes to him.

Characters may posses up to 15 Abilities.

Characters are allowed:

5 Minors (T0-2)
4 Majors (T3-5)
3 Supers (T6-7)
2 Ultimate's (T8-9)
1 Mega (T10)

As the tier increases, as does the duration of the cool down. Ex. Major 4 posts, Super 6 posts. Of course this varies on the tier and the power of each ability.

At this point, Supers can only be used 10 posts into the fight, Ultimate's 20 and Mega's are currently unusable. This is to make fights balanced and fair.

Tiers are basically the power level of an ability. These range from 1 to 10 and act as a balancing factor to decide what abilities are stronger. Higher tiers generally mean higher power. These tiers will add to your base stats to form a final result.
Ex. 5 Atk Base Stat + T3 Atk = 8 DMG.

However the opponents stats will still deduct from your attacks as normal.
Ex. 8 Atk DMG - 3 Def Base Stat = 5 DMG

All abilities fall under one of the following categories: Attack, Defense, Summon or Action. Each ability may only exist within one of these. Below is an explanation for each

However the opponents stats will still deduct from your attacks as normal.
Ex. 8 Atk DMG - 3 Def Base Stat = 5 DMG

An attack is any ability with the intent to do damage. This type of ability utilizes the Attack and Special Attack stats. The tier of the attack determines the amount of damage you are attempting to inflict. The Tier of the attack adds to your base attack or magic stat (depending on if its a physical or magical attack) to form a final damage level. This final damage level is then weighed against the opponents defensive stats to determine damage done. Generally, the higher the ability tier, the stronger the attack.

Attack Template:

Attack Name:
Attack or Sp.Attack:

A defense is any ability with the intent to counter an attack. This type of skill utilizes the Defense, Special Defense and Speed stats. Practically, Tiers for defensive skills are to stack onto your defensive stats to deduct damage from the attack. Defenses are classified into three types, Defenses (using Defense stat), Special Defenses (using Special Defense stat) and Evasions (using speed stat). Defenses remain active until duration runs out or until the defense is broken. A defense can be broken by being overpowered by an attack. In this case, the different between the two will be inflicted as damage to the defender. Also, Evasions must out-speed an opponent to have effect. If the opponents speed is higher, it will be ineffective.

Defense Template:

Defense Name:
Defense, Special Defense or Evasion:

Buffs and debuffs are skills that alter stats. Buffs increase them as debuffs decrease them. Tiers affect how much the stat is effected. T1 buffs adding 1 SP to the stat, T3 adding 3, etc. Debuffs act oppositely. Also, to prevent large stacks, a rule has been instituted. Minors/Majors/Supers/Ultimate's/Mega's may have up to T6/T9/T12/T14/T15 TOTAL. This means you may have no more than T6 total in minors, T9 in Majors, etc. Therefore, you may not have 4 Minors buffs that are T2 each. That would surpass the minor limit of 6.  Also, the amount of stats affected by the buff tier is affected by the ability set the ability is in. Minors can only affect one stat. Majors can affect 2. Supers can affect 3. Ultimate's 4. Mega's 5.

Buff/Debuff Template:

Buff Name:
Stat(s) Affected:

Summons are skills that allow you to spawn other entities to assist you in combat. The strength of the summon is dependent on the Tier. Stats must be given to all summons. Summons cannot be minor abilities. A character is to have no more than 3 summon abilities. Also, only one summon per character may be active at a time. Also, characters are advised to only summon Tiers equal or lower than their own Special Attack stat. Otherwise the summons will not obey. Summons are given base SP based on what ability set they are in as well as their tier.

Majors get 2x Tier
Supers get 3x Tier
Ultimate's get 5x Tier
Mega's get 9x Tier

Summon Template:

Summon Name:
Summon Stats-
Special Attack:
Special Defense:


Actions are abilities that allow characters to do simple tasks that break physics as we know them. Great examples are double jump and flight. These will all have relatively low tiers and will usually be placed within minor abilities.

Action Template:

Action Name:

Transformations are abilities that act as additional buffs to a character. Each transformation may have up to three tiers. Each tier provides more stat boosts than the last. A character may only move up one tier in transformation every 5 posts with a limit of Tier 3.

Tier 1 of your transformation may grant buffs only equal to a Level of 10. That means you you can buff up 2 stats with a total maximum of 10. Ex. 5 to Attack and 5 to Speed.

Tier 2 of your transformation may grant buffs equal to a level of 20 and has a range of 4 stats

Tier 3 of your transformation may grant buffs equal to a level of 30 and ranges to 6 stats

Transformation Template:

Transformation Name:
Number of Tiers:
Tier Names:
Tier 1 Buffs:
Tier 2 Buffs:
Tier 3 Buffs:

You can add an ability in a slot of Super or higher that can be stronger than any normal Super or higher ability but it can only be used when in a certain transformation based on its power.

Any abilities outside of these categories should be discussed with an admin.

Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Special Attack: 22
Special Defense: 22
Speed: 22
Perception: 2

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Ability Explanation/Template

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