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Welcome to our RP Site! If you are new, make sure to look at the guides for more info! Please make sure to recruit and be active as much as possible to make this a better place for everyone! PM me with any questions or ideas regarding the site. ~ Patrick

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PostSubject: Traits/Flaws   Sat May 23, 2015 4:18 pm

This system was made by my friend Ryan so all credit goes to him.


Everyone gets up to 20 points

Smart: Your character possesses a wide knowledge of the world (3 Points)

Brawling: Your character is pretty good at playing rough (3 Points)

Martial Arts: Your character uses their own body as a weapon (5 Points)

Weapon Proficiency: Your character is knowledgeable of  selected weapon for combat (7 Points)

Advanced Reflexes: Your character is able to dodge and react with ease (4 Points)

Enhanced Sense: Your character has an acute sense. Choose one of the five senses to enhance. (3 Points) This trait can be chosen up to once for each sense

Agile: Your character is able to jump off of surfaces such as walls (3 Points)

Seductive Charm: Your character is a heartthrob capable of swooning the ladies or teasing the men (2 Points)

Silver Tongue: Your characters speech is so appealing. Everything they say sounds reasonable (3 Points)

Heavy Body: Your character is a large one, and thus is able to throw their weight around a little more (3 Points)

Stealthy: Your character moves silently if moving slowly (5 Point)

Analytic: Your character is able to process a situation rather easily (3 Points)

Confidence: Your character handles intimidating situations with ease (3 Points)

Medic: Your character is able to stitch up wounds, given the right supplies (4 Points)

Wealthy: Your character has the dolla dolla bills (3 Points)

Survivalist: Your character has what it takes to tough it out (3 Points)

Cook: Your character can cook a meal from anything edible (1 Point)

Beast Tamer: Your character has a ferocious pet (5 Points)

Dexterity: Your character can perform tasks such as picking locks or pockets quickly (2 Points)

Disguise: Your character can easily change their appearance (2 Points)

Strategist: Your character can easily come up with an advanced plan (3 points)


Everyone needs at least 10 Points

Clumsy: Your character tends to make mistakes (2 Points)

Weak: Your character falls below average strength (3 Points)

Slow: Your character falls below average speed (3 Points)

Dumb: Your character doesn't know too much (3 Points)

Decreased Sense: Your character has one of their 5 senses weakened (2 Points) This Flaw can be chosen up to once for each sense

Blind: Your character cannot see (7 Points)

Mute: Your character cannot speak (4 Point)

Disabled: Your character has a limb that's unusable (5 Points) This flaw can be chosen up to twice

Timid: Your character doesn't handle intimidation too confidently (3 Points)

Brittle Bones: Your character is easily injured (5 Points)

Weak Immune System: Your character is always sick (2 Points)

Small Body: Your character is easily tossed around due to their size (4 Points)

Slow Learner: Your character processes information very slowly (3 Points)

Putrid: Your character reeks, making it hard for others to be near them (2 Point)

Sleep Deprivation: Your character doesn't get much rest, making their reflexes a bit sluggish (4 Points)

Loud: Your character can't sneak to save their lives (2 Points)

Unlucky: Your character can never catch a break (2 Points)

Irritated: Your character is extremely easy to irritate (2 Points)

Apathy: Your character feels pity and sorrow for others (2 Points)

Greed: Your character needs all the spoils to themselves (3 Points)

Intolerable: Your character is so annoying, others can't stand him (2 Point)

Trust Issues: Your character trusts no one (1 Point)

Gullible: Your character trusts everyone (3 Points)

Pride: Your character puts his reputation before anything else (3 Points)

Trauma: Your character often has triggered flashbacks to horrific memories. (5 Points)

Arrogance: Your character considers himself superior (3 Points)

Paranoia: Your character thinks someone's always out to get them (2 Points)

Emotionless: Your character fully relies on logic rather than feelings (2 Points)

Addict: Your character has something they can't resist (3 Points)

Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Special Attack: 22
Special Defense: 22
Speed: 22
Perception: 2

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