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Welcome to our RP Site! If you are new, make sure to look at the guides for more info! Please make sure to recruit and be active as much as possible to make this a better place for everyone! PM me with any questions or ideas regarding the site. ~ Patrick

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 The Land Of Aldwell (RP Synopsis)

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PostSubject: The Land Of Aldwell (RP Synopsis)   Sun May 24, 2015 2:50 pm

The land of Aldwell was a peaceful and serene place during its early years, when the it's kingdoms were nothing but tribes with no names, but as the kingdoms grew, so did the land in all its vast resources; until finally, the kingdoms grew to such a big size, that war was inevitable. The leaders of each tribe always had frail relations, but when resources were the issue, any thread of level-headed dealing was thrown out. The many tribes attacked each other mercilessly in an attempt to survive the harsh winter coming. Those who were pillaged were left with nothing but despair, and forced to pledge allegiance to their conquerors in return for basic necessities. At the end of all of the violence and confusion, 5 tribes were left. These tribes with their new conquered members were prepared to wage war on each other when one of the leaders proposed an idea. He proposed that instead of innocents dying in countless raids and wars, each tribe appointed a fighter to duel in combat to decide which tribe was the dominant leaders. The other 4 leaders agreed that the pointless bloodshed needed to stop, so they complied. Each tribe nominated a fighter, and an arena was built in the village of Wyfalls, which lied in the center of the land. The 5 warriors fought each other in gladiatorial combat, but none could prevail over the next. These leaders were evenly matched in skill, and it seemed that no victor would ever be crowned. However, as the match seemed to be at a stalemate, the 5th leader who had conceived the plan for the arena, had disabled one of his combatants. However, as the disabled leader laid on the ground, the 5th man did not kill her. The other warriors immediately lowered their weapons in awe of his mercy. This warrior was declared the new leader of the united land of Aldwell. Now that a new era of peace was ushered in, the land prospered. The city that the arena was built in, Wyfalls, was declared the capital. Everything was going perfect until the fire nation attac... I mean the leader of Aldwell was attacked at his home. He had repelled his attackers, but he was mortally wounded. The four tribe leaders who he had fought so many years before gathered at his home upon his request. He knew that none of the four could individually lead this land, so he divided Aldwell into five kingdoms. The North, South, East, West, and Central kingdoms had been established. He gave the north to the first leader, who was strict and had a heart of ice. He gave the south to second leader, who cared for his people without question. The third leader, who he had spared all those years ago, was wise and intelligent. She was given the east. The west was given to the fourth leader, who was renowned for his tenacity and strength in battle. The central area was declared a haven for all, and stood under the protection of Wyfalls. After all was said and done, the beloved ruler of Aldwell passed away. The four tribes who had fought so fiercely all those years ago now lived in harmony. Centuries passed, and the land of Aldwell was still peaceful. However, a storm was brewing in the kingdoms. Famine and starvation was afflicting everyone, and there was not enough food and resources to trade. This led to stinginess and greed among the leaders. Rebellion grew and war began to ravage the land once more. In this time of violence and destruction, the kingdoms need leaders to rally under, but those in charge fear for themselves. Will you help to restore the kingdoms, or overthrow them? Will you pillage or protect? The choice is yours! This is your destiny! This. Is. Kingdoms Of Aldwell!

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The Land Of Aldwell (RP Synopsis)

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