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Welcome to our RP Site! If you are new, make sure to look at the guides for more info! Please make sure to recruit and be active as much as possible to make this a better place for everyone! PM me with any questions or ideas regarding the site. ~ Patrick

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 EXP System Explanation

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PostSubject: EXP System Explanation   Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:02 pm

Here is the guide for the exp system.

EXP is earned through fighting others. Earning enough EXP will allow you to level up your character. When you level up a character, you get an extra Stat Point (SP) to add. Make sure to add this Stat Point to your signature.

The exp you earn will depend on the level of the person you fight and will follow this formula:
EXP= 10 + Level Difference (2)
For example, if a level one beats a level tree, the level one would earn 14 exp. If a level 1 beats a level 5, the level 1 earns 8 exp. If a level 4 beats a level one, then the level 4 earns 4 exp.

After each battle update your signature. If found changing exp without proper earning, consequence will follow.

The Exp required to level up is as follows.
Exp Levels:

Level 10 is currently our cap, but that can and probably will change when more players hit level 10.

Feel free to PM myself or any other admin about information regarding this site, or any of it's members.
Stats & Exp:
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EXP System Explanation

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