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Swear alliance to a Kingdom and help take over the land of Aldwell!
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Welcome to our RP Site! If you are new, make sure to look at the guides for more info! Please make sure to recruit and be active as much as possible to make this a better place for everyone! PM me with any questions or ideas regarding the site. ~ Patrick

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 Opening Day Announcement!

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PostSubject: Opening Day Announcement!    Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:58 pm

It's finally opening day for this RP site! Our admins have been working hard to create a fun and adventurous RP experience for everyone, and it has come time to bear witness to their hard work! However, it is still a brand new site and will require A LOT of work to be the best it can be! That is why we need all members to help us out! Suggest new ideas to help the site grow and get better! Recruit new members to help the site grow larger! Be active to help the community grow! We also need help on the design side of the site too. I'm looking for someone experienced in GFX or website design to help us put. I have no artistic ability Very Happy If you are new, make sure to read the guides for help. With that being said, welcome to the site! We hope you have an awesome time!

Feel free to PM myself or any other admin about information regarding this site, or any of it's members.
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Opening Day Announcement!

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